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We know that you may have paper delivery staff and that you want to have protection for them while they're delivering your papers so that you're insured if the worst happens. We know that you want to display signs outside your shop and most policies don't cover that, but ours does. That's why we've negotiated the extra features with our insurers to cover the parts of your business that other Insurers don't.

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Welcome To Insure Me 4 Less

Insure Me 4 Less is an established insurance broker based in Bury. Our staff have many years of experience as both insurance company underwriters and as brokers. We are perfectly placed to offer you our professional and honest advice to place your risks.

With our friendly and approachable staff and exclusive facilities with major ‘A’ rated UK insurers, we are able to provide our brokers with the best solutions for both standard and non-standard insurance requirements.

Some of the businesses we insure

  • Commercial Combined

    Our Commercial Combined policies provide a tailor-made product for businesses who require a bespoke cover.

  • Hair and Beauty

    Our hair & beauty policies are specifically designed to meet the needs of salon owners, including hairdresser, beauty salons, etc.

  • Retailers

    Our retail and shop policies are tailored to meet the needs of shop owners and retailers to make it perfect for you.

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