Office and Surgeries

Office and surgeries Insurance

A Range Of Cover Limits

Specific Cover Tailored To Your Needs

Annual Premiums From £150

About The Policy

We include cover as standard for property (including glass), contents, computer equipment, business interruption and money.

Cover is provided for most types of premises, including properties with non-standard features and Grade II listed buildings.

Our policies also include public liability, property owners liability and employers liability as standard.

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Whether you run a family florist or a high street fashion store, you need a shop insurance policy that can cover the risks you face. Retail insurance from Simply Business starts with public liability insurance so that you’re protected if someone makes a...

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Owning a business with machinery inherently adds risk, and lots of it. Add your employees and other unexpected events from Mother Nature, and you have a recipe for disaster if you are not prepared with the right level of protection. A disaster could be financially crippling for any business...

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The cost of a disaster in your factory or manufacturing plant could be unrecoverable without sufficient financial defences in place. The ongoing protection to your clients, employees, buildings, machinery, stock and contents is paramount to the continued success of your company...

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Ensuring the daily challenges that face an owner of a wholesaler is vital to the longevity of your business. Not only do you need to shield your building, contents and stock but also any person who could be exposed to accidents. Without the right cover in place, you could find it difficult to recover financially after a disaster...

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Insurance distribution means to sell, propose to sell, advise on or prepare in any other way the conclusion of insurance contracts. It also covers sales of insurance products through websites, including comparison websites if they allow concluding an insurance contract...

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There are many reasons why a property would be left unoccupied for an extended period of time. Perhaps you are a property developer who is having a home refurbished, or it may be that a property is left empty due to a significant hospital stay or a prolonged holiday overseas. With empty abodes comes the risk of...